Private Protected Areas as policy instruments to tackle environmental challenges: discussing potentialities and pitfalls

Giulia Iannuzzi


Protected Areas owned and managed by private actors are expected to have a relevant role in nature conservation policy as an additional tool to public-run protected sites. By reducing natural habitats destruction and degradation, well designed and well governed private protected areas (PPAs) can have a key role in tackling two intertwined global threats: biodiversity loss and climate change. In this article we will present PPAs diffusion in Europe basing on data collected from the European Common Database on Nationally Designated Areas. In addition, an assessment framework will be proposed, with the purpose of contributing to a broader understanding of PPAs potentialities and pitfalls. The main challenges for PPAs effectiveness deal with their geographical distribution and their ability to provide strong and stable legal structures for private protection, assuring adequate and inclusive governance.


Keywords: Nature conservation policy; private protected areas; climate change; biodiversity.

Data de submissão: 2016-06-16
Data de aprovação: 2016-12-06
Data de publicação: 2016-12-30

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