Assessing suitable area for Acacia dealbata Mill. in the Ceira River Basin (Central Portugal) based on maximum entropy modelling approach

Jorge Pereira, Albano Figueiredo


Biological invasion by exotic organisms became a key issue, a concern associated to the deep impacts on several domains described as resultant from such processes. A better understanding of the processes, the identification of more susceptible areas, and the definition of preventive or mitigation measures are identified as critical for the purpose of reducing associated impacts. The use of species distribution modeling might help on the purpose of identifying areas that are more susceptible to invasion. This paper aims to present preliminary results on assessing the susceptibility to invasion by the exotic species Acacia dealbata Mill. in the Ceira river basin. The results are based on the maximum entropy modeling approach, considered one of the correlative modelling techniques with better predictive performance. Models which validation is based on independent data sets present better performance, an evaluation based on the AUC of ROC accuracy measure.

Keywords: susceptibility to invasion, maximum entropy, species distribution modelling, GIS.

Data de submissão: 2015-07-31
Data de aprovação: 2015-12-04
Data de publicação: 2015-12-30

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